From: Max (
Date: 07/23/96

> Strange... I have never found this one, and we must have edited a few 
> hundred mobs with Oasis...
maybe u could share with me medit.c and medit.h(if it exits? *puke*) 
files? ..

> Also, no idea about this one, something like 30 zones or so created with 
> it (I have 5 full time builders always on)
then include zedit too :)

> I have seen this one, but onle when you create an exit that points 
> nowhere or when you take out the room/zone where it pointed to from the 
> mud/index
im sure it does someway/somehow by itself too.
btw, on patching oasisOLC and makein bin/circle it wasnt tellin ANY 
warnings or errors... strnge..

> Also, on topic, has anyone made any addition to OasisOLC to add weapon 
> spells, object affections or mobprogs (creating these, not only saving 
> them)? The first two would require lists and menus, the third one could 
> be just a small editor part (could also have menues, but noone would make 
> it anyway..:)
havent seen


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