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Date: 07/23/96

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From: Andrew_McDonald@mc.xerox.com (McDonald,Andrew W)
To: circle@pvv.ntnu.no
Subject: % load
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Before I attempt to code it, anyone worked up a zone function that would
load an object and/or mobile based on a %? Something like the following:

W 0 200 2 3001 25 [Load Mob #200 in room #3001, 2 max, with 25% prob]

Anyone who has played JediMUD knows what I'm talking about. :P I believe
they term it a stochiometric load. If someone has, or its already "in 
 there" and 
I missed it, drop me some email.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew McDonald				Programmer/Analyst
Andrew_McDonald@MC.XEROX.COM	Xerox USCO HQ
alternate: awm5440@rit.edu			Rochester Inst. of Tech.

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