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From: Alex (fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca)
Date: 07/24/96

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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 16:15:36 -0600 (CST)
From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira <eduo@sparc.ciateq.conacyt.mx>
To: Paul Shinn <wombat@WPI.EDU>
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Subject: CODE: More snippets to be ported

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Paul Shinn wrote:

> Gee... that was quick. Thanks... I will let the list know when I am done...
> if someone doesn't beat me to finishing this... :)
Hehe, right now there are 3 people taking a shot at it, but I got a few 
more from where that one came from.

Right now I am checking out some merc code to do the following:

All MERC porters, read on!

(NOTE: Remember to keep the credits intact and only *add* to them your 
own if you make modifications)

If you want the MERC C (or as applicable) code for any of the following 
in order to make a port for Circle let me know, I 'll send it to you,and 
note if you want it as an atachment or in the mail itself.


-Create random objects, be it for mobiles or users, the objects area 
created at random with stats at random too, great for equipping newbies..:)

-A snake charmer... This is a guy (great for thalos or the desert) that 
charms players forcing them to drop their weapons or armor and go around 
saying that he is the best mob to be killed, oh, and they sing too..:) 
(BTW, this may need creating new flags for the users, something like 

-Some code so if you are in an air room (for airy zones or flying zones) 
objects fall to the ground... Haven't checked into it but probably uses 
the 'down' exit. From the readme:
   Everything falls.  This is pretty funny if you are standing in the
square in Midgaard below the air and corpses of flying monsters start
falling down.  It is also pretty funny if you have flying mobiles in air
zones who have treasure and as players loot the corpse the corpse is falling.

-A wandering sage who identifies for a fee objects... so people don't have 
to buy identifies all the time... (he does charge a lot tho' but it can 
be modified)

-A hunt skill for huting down people (lotsa ppl have this already, not me 
tho'), this one sends you on the shortest way to your victim.

-MudChat, an Eliza AI program chatterbot for having coherent 
conversations with a mobile in the mud...

-Betray Code... So you can turn a fighting mobile against their own (when 
you have 8 dwarver fighting you this could seem as useful), not quite 
like charm.

-A poisoned balde spec, if you have a piercing (or puncturing) weapon, a 
bar of mithril and blood, and if you are wise enough, you can make the 
weapon into a temporary bloodthirsty blade.

-A brew/scribe code like the one posted here, which lets you make potions 
and scrolls, if you fail you get damaged (exploded vial, fire parchment)

-A deter affection by which aggresive mobs won't harm you as long as you 
don't move

-2 dice games to have some sort of casino with croupiers, Highdice and 
Seven, highdice consists on two dice rolls for each player, the one with 
the higher roll wins, if equal rolls the croupier wins, Seven lets a 
player bet on a number ABOVE SEVEN, BELOW SEVEN or the number SEVEN 
itself, pays 2x if rolled above or below and 5x if rolled 7.

-A fear spell without much further instructions

-A new healer like the cleric mobile already present

-The hot reboot that permits rebooting the mud without players logging 
out... great for teesting special procedures or small changes to code...

-A racial language system (this may be hard to code into circle)

-Two implementations of a dual wield

-A metamorphose spell/skill

-Some Quench code, so you can quench your thrist momentarily

-Some Automated Quest Code, in which you can define a questmaster and the 
awards for the quests, usually consist on finding objects randomly 
created with timers or slaying a mobile and you have a time limit.

-A socials online editor



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