Re: [Circle] CODE: More snippets to be ported (fwd)

From: Franco (
Date: 07/24/96

to it, but if anyone can save me the time, it would be great. If you can make
SECT_FLYING rooms with no down direction display a message like "XXX falls
out of sight, out of mind" then extract the object (where else is it going to
go), it would make air combat dangerous (imagine dying and having your corpse
extracted cause you cant find it ;). See what you can come up with.


                Bharran, BloodLust MUD

At 05:33 PM 7/24/96 -0500, you wrote:

--Cut --
>-Some code so if you are in an air room (for airy zones or flying zones) 
>objects fall to the ground... Haven't checked into it but probably uses 
>the 'down' exit. From the readme:
>   Everything falls.  This is pretty funny if you are standing in the
>square in Midgaard below the air and corpses of flying monsters start
>falling down.  It is also pretty funny if you have flying mobiles in air
>zones who have treasure and as players loot the corpse the corpse is falling.


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