The Mayor won't move... spec_procs?

From: DiscoverE Camp (
Date: 07/24/96

This may sound really silly but I sat by the Mayor of Midgaard
until 6am (the time the spec_proc.c file says he is supposed to
wake up)

But he _doesn't_.  He doesn't budge...  The same goes for another mobile I
programmed with the same basic code as the Mayor (minus the wake up at a
certain time) and nothing happened either.

When I "stat"'d the Mayor it said that the "Mob Spec-Proc: Exists"

Any ideas why?



BTW a 2d and 3d maps of Midgaard can now be found on the Discover E
Homepage.  You can use them as long as "Discover E Science Camp, Alberta,
Canada" is also mentioned in whatever document (electronic or otherwise)
you use the map(s).

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