Re: [Circle] Mobprogs actions

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 07/24/96

>I've had mobprogs installed in my pl8 ( no pl11 ) for about 8 months now
>but have a problem.  I've never been able to get the actions for a mob to
>work. ie:  mpgoto, mptrans.
>Say and Tell works for the mobs but gossip and shout does not.  Has anyone
>else had this problem and if so, could you please direct me to a solution?
>btw...I installed the mobprogs_pl8 version that was at cambot.
>Thanks in advance,
ok, try doing a swap and see what it says, it probaly says somthing like
"your a MOB, no yelling allowed," perhaps.... well, cant hurt, talk to you
l8r, bye.
Cyber Reaper
Realms of Reality
telnet:// 4000

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