Re: [Circle] two quickies

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 07/24/96

>1.  I have a class that has both skills and spells.  In class.c, you define
>whether the class has skills or spells, for practice message purposes.  I
>want it to have both, and say the right thing.  Any ideas, if any of that
>made sense?
>2.  Has anyone imp'd a system that allows you to see the condition of the
>character that your assisting?  Right now you can see a percentage of the
>mob you're fighting, but I would like it if it also displayed the tank's
>percentage also.  
>        Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the help on my level questions
>a month or so ago.

well, I have seen such a thing on diku muds, checkout artic, they have such
a thing there, perhaps you could get one of the codders to give you a copy
of the script so you can port it for circle, also, straying off the subject
just a tad... does anyone have a code for showing the condition of everyone
in your party? on artic you can type gro and it will desplay this.

|blackjack   excelent   standing   1 tic |
|killer      poor       resting    9 tic |

or somthing like that, it shows name, condition, position, and time to mem,
I guess in circle you dont need the mem part, but the other would be nice,
better then typing look killer, look blackjack, ect... if anyone has
somthing that will do this can you please pass it to me, I have tried
coding, and... well... I bite =:)

thank you.


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