[Circle] CODE Won't Save EQ

From: Wade Hovind (WHovind@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca)
Date: 07/25/96

I have just picked up p11 and have it compiled and running on Windows95.   
Everything seems to work great except for:

1: I have it configured to not charge rent and yet no objects are being   
saved.  I tried setting it back to charging rent and then renting and   
that still didn't work.  I have poked around in the source but I must be   
a little rustier than I thought.  Any suggestions?

2.  Is there a Windows based world/room/object editor out there   

3.  Where would I find more information on adding toggles to characters?   
 I would like to implement an Autoloot.  I think adding the code will be   
straightforward but messing around in the character file scares me.

4.  I don't can't log anything.  I would like to implement a log   
attribute for a character.  If the flag is set then dump the info to a   

5.  Is there an easy fix for the one snooper per character limitation?  I   
would like to allow multiple characters to snoop one character.

I know this is a lttle long but ANY help will be greatly appreciated.


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