Re: [Circle] CODE Won't Save EQ

From: Limratana (
Date: 07/26/96

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Wade Hovind wrote:

> I have just picked up p11 and have it compiled and running on Windows95.   
> Everything seems to work great except for:
> 1: I have it configured to not charge rent and yet no objects are being   
> saved.  I tried setting it back to charging rent and then renting and   
> that still didn't work.  I have poked around in the source but I must be   
> a little rustier than I thought.  Any suggestions?

PKZIP is stupid.   It doesn't unzip empty directories, including the player
object directories.  You gotta go to your circle~1\lib\plrobjs directory
and create the following directories:

The order you make these 6 directories doesn't matter of course.

> 2.  Is there a Windows based world/room/object editor out there   
> somewhere.?

You can add Oasis OLC patch pretty easy.  Allthough C++ doesn't have a 
patch command, or I don't know about it, you can just look at the 
actual patch files.  People have mentioned bugs with the OLC, but I 
haven't seen any yet.  (I haven't used the medit and zedit much either, 
which is the part that is supposed to be the most bugged)

> 3.  Where would I find more information on adding toggles to characters?   
>  I would like to implement an Autoloot.  I think adding the code will be   
> straightforward but messing around in the character file scares me.

Actually, I found giving more variables to the player records is pretty 
easy.  I don't know how it works, but the program must store the records
no matter what the hell you keep adding to them.  Adding fields to 
objects on the other hand, I found harder because you have to mess around 
with the way the program reads in the object files and how it saves the 
objects later.  The only problem you might run into with adding fields to 
the player files will be that you have to delete the player base.  But if 
you have no players that's not a problem!  :)

> 4.  I don't can't log anything.  I would like to implement a log   
> attribute for a character.  If the flag is set then dump the info to a   
> file.

I can't really help here except to offer some Beavis and Butthead jokes 
about 'log' and 'dump'.  Heh, he said dump.

> 5.  Is there an easy fix for the one snooper per character limitation?  I   
> would like to allow multiple characters to snoop one character.
No clue.  I'm a pretty aweful coder.

> I know this is a lttle long but ANY help will be greatly appreciated.
> Wade
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