[Circle] Sorry for Stupidity but...

From: [ChEwBaCcA] (wookie@neon.East.Sun.COM)
Date: 07/25/96

I am new at this and am having a very difficult time crossing over from C programmer to obj builder.  It seems that when I am building objects, I allways seem to screw up the format.  Is there a program out there to help with building these, cause if not, what would everyone think if my friends and I wrote one.  It would just be text based, but it would ask for the type of file and then ask for the attributes of the obj or mob or whatever.  If there is a desire for such a tool, we will write one.

Now, onto another question...

This is the object file I have created:
slimmy dagger~
Slimy Dagger~
A slimmy dagger has been left here.
5 65539 8193
0 15 20 12 
8 5000 3500
You see a slimy dagger
19 5
18 5 

And my syslog.CRASH says this:
Thu Jul 25 11:47:13 :: Loading objs and generating index.
Format error in first numeric line (expecting 3 args, got 0), object #666

Any ideas.. And.. let us know if you have any interest in that tool..

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