Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: Clepto (
Date: 07/25/96

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that this list has turned into a code swapping
> grounds? Now I am all for people making code and sending it to the list, but
> what I am talking about is everyone and their grandmother posting messages
> like:
> "Hey! Does anyone have the code for the xxxxx spell? I'd really like to add
> it to my mud. WHile you are looking what about code for using more movement
> when you walk, my players seem to walk everywhere without tiring."

then if its so bad why not start another mail-list specifically for code
or for that matter a digest too.  Theres nothing wrong with posting an
idea here i guess, but i can see your point with LARGE amounts of
continuos code, although i kind of like it but thats just my NEW school of
thought, anyways thats just me.

and whoever bitched about my sig.... here ya go ....

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