Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: ed wrotniewski (
Date: 07/25/96

Just as an additional side note... circle pl11 is about 34k lines of code.
Ebon Mists (my mud) is now 83k lines of code. Want to know what patches I
put in? The drunken speech patch just because I thought it was hillarious
(and to the author, my players love it :)

Patches are great for things like OLC which are a huge bitch to code
(ohyeah, I used the iedit/redit olc... forgot about that. made medit.c
myself along with a zone editor... all menued olc) but for little things
like spells and whatnot... man... try to code your own stuff, because if you
dont you are still running stock circle.


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