Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: Clifford G. Robinson (
Date: 07/25/96

In regards to some complaints I have heard regarding all the code that 
people are throwing into their MUDS and calling their own, I have two 
comments. . .

1) As someone who has done most of their coding using the previously 
described methods (hacking away at the code until I understood it), I can 
understand the complaint, however. . .

2) WHO CARES? The purpose of this mailing list is to help each other out 
with coding problems, etc. . and if a by product of this swapping of 
code/patches/whatever are a bunch of MUDS out there that arn't in the 
least bit different, SO BE IT. . .in the end the MUDS that will be 
successfull are those that offer the features that cannot be implemented 
by one who truly does not understand what they are doing. . .in fact, by 
helping out the newer coders by creating these patches and releasing code 
snippets, the more experienced coders merely add to their ever increasing 
knowledge as well as the newer coders learning a trick or two. . .

it is a win/win situation either way. . .the last thing I want is to be a 
part of another elitist group that fails to remember their humble coding
origins, or if they do, feeling so embittered towards the way they did it 
"in THEIR day" that they feel a need to force the old-school methods on the 
newer coders. . .if patches are the wave of the future as far as 
customizing MUDS are concerned. . .(don't worry, I don't think they are). 
. then let it pass. . .if not. . .then there isn't anything to worry 
about! =)

my 3 cents (extra cent for "diatribe" tax =p),
Clifford G. Robinson

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