Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: Limratana (
Date: 07/26/96

Man, I remember when you were getting lost under Muckenrock's.  Anyway, I
resent this message.  I'll have you know there are alot of us out here
posting bits of our code as a sample to sell more code.  For some of us,
we are just mere peddlers trying to make an honest buck offering obscenly
complex language code or the ocassional spell.  Take Franco, for instance,
father of 6, with one server at home trying to raise his kids right and
put a mud up at the same time.  And don't think he doesn't put in his
hours of community service.  He might be a little to proud to admit it, but
I've cought him giving free snipits to the local soup kitchen.  And while it
might seem as if we're on here 24-7 posting alluring code hoping to rake in
the big bucks when the algorithm everyone wants come in, we're coding.
Heck, I'm working on a script to post code automatically so I can spend
less time on the mailing list and more time working my fingers to the bone.
So, please Hades, don't put us down!

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that this list has turned into a code swapping
> grounds? Now I am all for people making code and sending it to the list, but
> what I am talking about is everyone and their grandmother posting messages
> like:
> "Hey! Does anyone have the code for the xxxxx spell? I'd really like to add
> it to my mud. WHile you are looking what about code for using more movement
> when you walk, my players seem to walk everywhere without tiring."
> Now maybe I am from an older school of thought, but shouldt we  all be CODING
> our muds, not just applying code patches from other people? To all of you
> just thorwing in stuff people send you... do you nopt realize except for
> cosmetic changes that you make (which is all it seems you CAN make, and
> sorry if that sounds rude) all your muds will be exactly the same thing?
> Now everyone was a newbie, and I started coding by copying the a specproc
> from one mob to make another say random things. (I think it was the drunk)
> So I know what it's like to not know... but just blindly applying patches
> from other people wont teach you a thing... if you seriosuly want to
> learn... try to find something else in the code that does something similar,
> and copy and modify it, or use it as a model for your new code.
> One of the things that gets me is like a few posts back, someone asked for
> the IDENTIFY code... now um... it's IN THE CODE. Now something I think is
> wrong if you are looking to apply new spells (which requires a degree of
> skill) and you do not even know how to look to see if it exists yet.
> I'm ranting now, so I'm gonan end this email, but I mean really... TRY to
> code somethign yourself instead of just applying crap someone sends you, you
> are never going to get anywhere taking that route. I started programming
> Ebon Mists about 1.5 years ago when it was VortexMUD, and I had no clue
> about C. I stuck with it, hacked at it, and LEARNED IT, even before I knew a
> circlemud mailinglist existed. Now my proficency in C has landed me an
> awesome coding job with a software company.
> Try it, you might just like it.
> Hades
> Ps. Um... that [Circle] tacked onto the subject is WONDERFUL (I can finaly
> sort my mail now) but it's a little big and glaring... any chance it might
> get changed to [C] or [Cir]? Just a thought.
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