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From: Franco (
Date: 07/26/96

        Hey! Father of 6? If I had 6 children:

1) I would be paying child support for all 6 of them (with my attitude,
   do you think i can keep a long term relationship?) which would
   mean i couldn't afford to have this computer, much less a ppp account.

2) Well, #1 is it, but who knows? (I may have a few illegitiments runn'n'
   round somewhere, but no strange phone calls yet...)

3) Would have lower car insurance premiums

And i use WinNT 4.0 Workstation, not Server (don't have symmetrical



                        Bharran, BloodLust MUD

At 03:50 AM 7/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Man, I remember when you were getting lost under Muckenrock's.  Anyway, I
>resent this message.  I'll have you know there are alot of us out here
>posting bits of our code as a sample to sell more code.  For some of us,
>we are just mere peddlers trying to make an honest buck offering obscenly
>complex language code or the ocassional spell.  Take Franco, for instance,
>father of 6, with one server at home trying to raise his kids right and
>put a mud up at the same time.  And don't think he doesn't put in his
>hours of community service.  He might be a little to proud to admit it, but
>I've cought him giving free snipits to the local soup kitchen.  And while it
>might seem as if we're on here 24-7 posting alluring code hoping to rake in
>the big bucks when the algorithm everyone wants come in, we're coding.
>Heck, I'm working on a script to post code automatically so I can spend
>less time on the mailing list and more time working my fingers to the bone.
>So, please Hades, don't put us down!
>On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:
>> Has anyone else noticed that this list has turned into a code swapping
>> grounds? Now I am all for people making code and sending it to the list, but
>> what I am talking about is everyone and their grandmother posting messages
>> like:
>> "Hey! Does anyone have the code for the xxxxx spell? I'd really like to add
>> it to my mud. WHile you are looking what about code for using more movement
>> when you walk, my players seem to walk everywhere without tiring."
>> Now maybe I am from an older school of thought, but shouldt we  all be CODING
>> our muds, not just applying code patches from other people? To all of you
>> just thorwing in stuff people send you... do you nopt realize except for
>> cosmetic changes that you make (which is all it seems you CAN make, and
>> sorry if that sounds rude) all your muds will be exactly the same thing?
>> Now everyone was a newbie, and I started coding by copying the a specproc
>> from one mob to make another say random things. (I think it was the drunk)
>> So I know what it's like to not know... but just blindly applying patches
>> from other people wont teach you a thing... if you seriosuly want to
>> learn... try to find something else in the code that does something similar,
>> and copy and modify it, or use it as a model for your new code.
>> One of the things that gets me is like a few posts back, someone asked for
>> the IDENTIFY code... now um... it's IN THE CODE. Now something I think is
>> wrong if you are looking to apply new spells (which requires a degree of
>> skill) and you do not even know how to look to see if it exists yet.
>> I'm ranting now, so I'm gonan end this email, but I mean really... TRY to
>> code somethign yourself instead of just applying crap someone sends you, you
>> are never going to get anywhere taking that route. I started programming
>> Ebon Mists about 1.5 years ago when it was VortexMUD, and I had no clue
>> about C. I stuck with it, hacked at it, and LEARNED IT, even before I knew a
>> circlemud mailinglist existed. Now my proficency in C has landed me an
>> awesome coding job with a software company.
>> Try it, you might just like it.
>> Hades
>> Ps. Um... that [Circle] tacked onto the subject is WONDERFUL (I can finaly
>> sort my mail now) but it's a little big and glaring... any chance it might
>> get changed to [C] or [Cir]? Just a thought.
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