[Circle] Re: your mail

From: Limratana (wlimrata@merlin.cc.manhattan.edu)
Date: 07/26/96

On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Franco wrote:

>         You're not giving enough credit to the coding aspect. If
> coding is a means to an end, the end is worthless without the means.
> If you think that the creativity is more important, put yourself in
> the situation:
>         You have a great idea. Since you know squat about C, you turn
> to your trusty co-imp to create it. You suddenly realize, after talking 
> to your co-imp, that he (or she) does not fully grasp the concept which
> you are trying to relate. What do you do?
>         A) Spend 48 email messages and extra 60 hours of frusteration 
>         while trying to tell him (or her) this is not what you want.
>         Have an end result that is still not what you wanted.
>         B) Compromise your idea. Give your coding co-imp the green light
>         to do what he (or she) _THINKS_ you mean. Since VERY few people
>         think alike, you probably won't get what you wanted, or you will
>         resort to selection A.
>         C) Learn to code yourself and cure this problem, plus all similar
>         problems like this that _WILL_ arise in the future?
> Hmm....You go figure it out for yourself....
>                 Franco

Or, sometimes there is D, when the guy with the ideas walks 12 houses up the
block and says "Hey, that ain't it."  And smacks you around a bit.  But 
this is the stuff you gotta put up with when only two people are working 
on a mud.  :)

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