Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/25/96

> Patches are great for things like OLC which are a huge bitch to code
> (ohyeah, I used the iedit/redit olc... forgot about that. made medit.c
> myself along with a zone editor... all menued olc) but for little things
> like spells and whatnot... man... try to code your own stuff, because if you
> dont you are still running stock circle.

  Just a few comments:

  Your MUD is only as stock as you make it, more things affect how stock 
you are than your code.  Your world and IMMs and MOBs and many others affect
your stockiness much more.
  As well, try and learn to improve your MUD code yes, because it serves to
be able to make better all aspects of what makes your MUD stock.  Many 
different tools can make your mud unique, but the code is the post 
powerful, and far reaching.

Also, I don't see a huge problem with stock muds, yeah, they are no fun to
play, but I'm not playing on them, and in the meantime, stocks mud only
serve to make unique ones look better.


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