Re: [Circle] Just an observation...

From: Bill Romano (
Date: 07/26/96

I cant not respond to this, here is my .02$ on all the patches v. figuring
it out yourself.

I am an imp on a mud with 3 other ppl, one person is a knowledgeable coder
2 arent, and i am very newbie, but learning fast.
one of the 2 non coder imps is our world/builder imp
the other is our mortal affairs/policy imp

neither of them NEED C knowledge, they come up with ideas, set down the
law, keep our players happy and in line make sure our 7 or 8 builders have
a focal point of contact etc etc, 

SHOULD and IMP NEED to know C? no, not if someone else imping does...
Would it help if everyone was a C genius? sure it would myself included.
is snippets going to make all muds everywhere terrible? NO

They are a great learning tool if used properly, if an imp just patches in
everything, sure they arent going to know much at all and have a below
average (or, i guess, exactly average) mud.  however if someone grabs the
code, installs it, LEARNS from it how it works why it works, maybe they
can improve on it or derive something even more awesome from it!
then this gets passed on, and the same thing happens, so code sharing
is good and bad, lets let it happen and just deal with it ok?

eek, sorry about that, guess i needed to vent.
flames to please
aka Bill

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