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From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 07/25/96

>Lastly, (geez, where did I get off on this color tangent?)
>Does anyone know how to implement online color commands? ie "say $blu 
>Hello $nrm" would say "Hello" in the blue color. . .I can't quite figure 
>out how to implement something like that which would have to force the 
>ansi escape sequences through whatever string, etc was being printed to 
>the screen. . .that's why you can't just type out the sequence like "say 
>]m30x Hello" (or whatever the sequence is) and have it change the color 
>since the entire string gets sent as is. . .

but how would this look for players not using color, would the ansi codes
just show up? would they go away? would you have to do a check conserning
wether they had ansi or not? just wondering.

*giggle* ok, can someone tell me how circle uses ansi color, ie I am trying
to do this

you are facing a red dragon. as you can see this chr is in BIG trouble,
assuming he had 100 points for h, m, and moves how would I make them red? 

ie if hit =< 75% of max_hit then color=yellow
if hit =< 25% of max_hit then color=red

so the color of the prompt will show your condition, would I have to make a
sepret void? one for non ansi and one for ansi? or could I put the commands
in the normal routeen and will the program automaticaly pull them out? I am
not a coder but am trying to learn, and can not seem to find any docs on how
color in circle works, I know all the ansi codes, but I am unable to find
how circle inplements them, and then what if I wanted to add color to a room
descreption? would I have to make diffrent descreption files? one for ansi
and one for not? 
You stand before a large GREENpondNORM with all sorts of REDfishNORM.....
so that the pond would be green and the fish would be red????

any help would be appreashited <I bite at spelling> ok, thanks, bye
Cyber Reaper
Realms of Reality
telnet:// 4000

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