[Circle] COLOR

From: Clifford G. Robinson (amgine@mnsinc.com)
Date: 07/24/96

Does anyone who uses Linux have the problem of the "YELLOW" color showing 
up as a sort of icky orange when using their local linux box?  I havn't 
tried logging in remotely quite yet, although I suspect that if I used a 
good "TRUE ANSI" term program it would look fine. . .I have noticed that 
orange color before on circlemuds though. . .

Also, does anyone know how to implement the "LIGHT" versions of color? ie 
Light Blue, Light Yellow, etc. . .I know I have seen MUDS that have more 
than the basic circle blue, green, yellow (sorta), magenta, cyan, white, 
red. . .I talked to a MUD imp who said all I had to do was use the 
Highlight command. . .I tried finding the escape sequence online for 
highlight, or maybe the light colors, but only found the escape sequences 
for the basic colors. . .if I could find the sequences then adding them 
to the screen.h file would be rather easy I think. . .

Lastly, (geez, where did I get off on this color tangent?)
Does anyone know how to implement online color commands? ie "say $blu 
Hello $nrm" would say "Hello" in the blue color. . .I can't quite figure 
out how to implement something like that which would have to force the 
ansi escape sequences through whatever string, etc was being printed to 
the screen. . .that's why you can't just type out the sequence like "say 
]m30x Hello" (or whatever the sequence is) and have it change the color 
since the entire string gets sent as is. . .

just some things to think about,
Clifford G. Robinson

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