Re: [Circle] COLOR

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/25/96

> #define CNRM  "\x1B[0;0m"
> #define CBLA  "\x1B[30m"
> #define CRED  "\x1B[31m" 
> #define CGRN  "\x1B[32m"  /* base colors */
> #define CYEL  "\x1B[33m"
> #define CBLU  "\x1B[34m"
> #define CMAG  "\x1B[35m"
> #define CCYN  "\x1B[36m"
> #define CWHT  "\x1B[37m"

  Well, feel like an idiot asking, but I have good reason.
It has been a good while since I've seen straight ANSI codes, and not 
sure if those even are, but anyway, heres my point.
  I've seen some people ask of cursor positioning and that sort of thing, 
well, if you were able to check for ansi, you could use the ansi screen 
codes to send CLS's and move the cursor around, and wouldn't have to mess 
with curses...of course, this is only if the user has ANSI, but it's just 
a thought.


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