Re: [Circle] NEWBIE color part 2.

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 07/25/96

ok, now I have it down to only three errors, I will past them and my code,
if someone can point in the general direction I would be gratefull.

 if (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_DISPMANA))   
      then if ((GET_MANA(d->character)) / (GET_MAX_MANA(d->character))<= .25),
         sprintf(prompt, "%s%s%dM%s ", prompt, CCRED(d->character, C_CMP),
      GET_MANA(d->character), CCNRM(d->character, C_CMP));
   else sprintf(prompt, "%s%s%dM%s ", prompt, CCYEL(d->character, C_CMP),
      GET_MANA(d->character), CCNRM(d->character, C_CMP));


heather:38 src> make
make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O -Wall  comm.c
comm.c: In function `make_prompt':
comm.c:846: syntax error before `if'
comm.c:846: syntax error before `,'
comm.c:849: syntax error before `else'
*** Error code 1

ok, this says that the then before the iff is wrong, and the , at the end
of the same line is wrong, I got that much. but what is wrong with the else
line? it says BEFORE else but there is nothing before the else, I tryed
taking out the , on diffrent lines but end up with more errors then if I
leave them in so i am assuming that I am closser to the answer from here
then before, but I could be wrong =:) . thank you.
Cyber Reaper
Realms of Reality
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