RE: [Circle] Re: Just an observation

From: Jeff Burrell (
Date: 07/26/96

>>IMPS do NOT have to know C.

As someone who started his mud admin life as a builder and moved to coding
later, I would actually disagree about EVERY imp knowing C.  I do agree that 
at least one imp must know C.  But unless you really like Midgaard and don't 
give a damn about a cohesive world, you're gonna need someone high in your
admin who does have a vision for the world side of the game.  After all, no 
matter how many bells and whistles you manage to put in the code, the big 
thing that will make a mud original is the world.  Of course if said admin also
knows C so he/she can code spec procs and other things for the builders, all
the better.
  To me, it's not nifty versions of who or score or color which make a mud
unique.  To be honest, anyone with decent coding skills could create the same
things.  But it's the creative writing aspect of the MUD, the areas, which separate
the "dull, stock muds" from the great muds.

-Jeff, who REALLY doesn't like "You see nothing special."

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