Re: [Circle] Re: Just an observation

From: Ryan Kelley (
Date: 07/26/96

> Well.. not quite.. but close. IMPS MUST be able to pick up on C FAST (C-IQ?)
> The best way to do this is to know another programming language like C (I
> did MOOs for 2 years before I even figured out that hey, this IS basiclly C,
> so lets do REAL C!) An IMP MUST Code! You don't have to do it well, or
> often, but you've gotta be able to compare working code and non working code
> and figure out compiler errors and warnings. For every non full time coding
> imp you've got to have 2 full timers just to compenstae IMHO..
> >IMPS do NOT have to know C.
> BS!

No, not BS.  No where is is stated IMPS *must* have C knowledge.  C 
knowledge, and coding ability is helpful.  A *good* IMP should know C.  You
seem to confuse a GOOD IMP and a Newbie IMP.  It just happens to be 
typical that IMPS are coders, because the MUD will stagnate and die without
a good coder.  IMPS do have other jobs, in addition, or instead of, writing
code.  As someone else had posted to the list a while ago, the IMPS are the
people with the idea/vision behind the MUD, not just the knowledge of how
to write a function.

> >Someone on your MUD needs to know C IF you want to have an original MUD.  

See above.

> >If you don't try it, how will you become familiar with it? 
> You can try, just don't beg people to write the code for you.. download all
> of the 'snippets' and look at them.. PRINT All 34k lines of code (2? 3 reams
> of paper?) That is your new bible! And DONT open your little base circle
> haven to the public! You'll only keep potential players from coming back
> when you're worth a damn.

I've never begged anyone to write code for me, and I have read through 
most of the snippets, and I can follow the code fairly well, but there's 
no way I could write my own(yet).

> >And honestly, some of the more helpful/interesting things in CircleMUD are
> >easily changeable.
> Hmm.. to pk or not to pk.. that's about it.. You want color? Good luck if
> you don't know C or don't know how to read the helpful docs on it!

I don't see what the big problem with color is, color was one of the 
*easiest* things for me to figure out.  There are quite a few other things
you can change, with ease, that aren't found in config.c, all you have to 
be able to do is understand what the code is trying to accomplish, and be 
able to use it as a model.

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