Re: [Circle] Re: Just an observation

From: Ryan Kelley (
Date: 07/26/96

> Basically, the moral of this story is, if you don't want to work at the 
> source and make it something original and interesting, don't bother there 
> are already enough muds out there like that.  But, if you do really 
> _want_ to make something new and exciting, you should try even if you 
> don't know C, but try to do it on your own.  Hours of frustration are the 
> only thing that will help you _learn_ to do it.
> I don't know about anyone else, but I take pride in my work and when my 
> MUD finds a site, I hope people will come and look and see it and say 
> "Hey, thats cool." or "Wow, never seen that before." and play because 
> they they find it interesting.

That is the moral of this story, but people have the wrong idea about 
reaching the interesting MUD.  Knowledge of C, in my opinion, is the 2nd 
most important thing to making a MUD interesting.  The most important 
thing to making the MUD interesting, is having a lot of creativity, being 
able to program in C is a means to an end, not an end itself.  Even if 
you can code *anything* in C, if you don't have good ideas to code for, 
it's useless.  This also holds true for building areas. 
"Yeah, ok, so I've got the most powerful weapont the MUD.  But why is it that
powerful??"  Unlike other types of game(DOOM clones, etc) story/plot is a 
big factor in making a MUD original, since it's basically a book you can 
interact with(the better MUDs anyway).

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