SEMI-NEWBIE QUESTION: Circle Data types???

Date: 07/26/96

I have spent the past few days familiarizing myself with Circle code, and
have come along quite far armed with two C coding books.  However, I
have come across a question that stumps me, and I'm hoping one of you 
might be able to help.

I have noticed that at numerous points in the code there is a listing 
that includes the line (int), normally this appears in an array, such
as: titles[(int) GET_CLASS (ch)][(int) GET_LEVEL(ch)]

My guess is that the (int) is required as a transfer between int and
byte variables, as in all the instances I have seen the array header
was usually an int, and the inside of the array was a byte.  However
a couple times this was reversed.

Also, I have noticed a few times when the (int) occured in front of
a variable outside of an array.  This did not look like a standard 
int variable declaration, so I'm wonderfing if it might be something 

One extra thought...unrelated...I noticed the command %u in a printf
statement.  What is this used for?  I'm familiar with %d, %s, %c, as
well as a few others used for buf variables, but have never seen %u.

One last thought, unrelated to coding itself...well sorta...I'm thinking
about iplementing something into my code that will allow players to
hide/bury things in outdoor rooms, such that they could dig them up (or
anyone else could) at a later date.  I would like to make it so that 
the rooms will keep their items buried even through a reboot.  I'm just
curious as to whether anyone has implemented this or seen it implemented

thanks a lot for all your help.

Jeff Hanks

p.s. has sometthing been wrong with the mailing list server?  I tried mailing
this twice yesterday, but had it fail, and sent back to me both times.


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