[Circle] [ARGH!] Re: Just an observation

From: Jeremy Jubenville (jeremy@iglou.com)
Date: 07/27/96

     I don't mind newbie questions, or questions about linux, or questions
regarding implemenation ethics.  I *do* mind arguments about whether
implementors need to be able to know C.  

    Arguments such as the aforementioned are pointless because no one's
opinion is negotiable. The argument has gone in circles (pardon the pun)
for days...as does every other issue centered around personal perogative.
This list would be much more effective if threads like this were

     Regardless of my opinion, I do have a solution.  Take it to the
newsgroups.  Not only will you not get flamed for such nonsense, but
you'll also get a much broader spectrum of opinions.

Antioch@Dark Chronicles [dc.iglou.com 4000]

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