Re: [Circle] that big lump of mail I sent :(

From: Pandion (
Date: 07/27/96

Hm, look...

Okay a couple of things I want on the record....

1>  Sorry about sending such a huge chunk to your inboxes.   *shrug*  If 
you dont want it press d and wipe the bloody thing.  Sorry for any 

2>  Please do NOT flame me telling me how crap the code is.  Its the best 
I can do (though the complexity on update_memorising sucks, I'm redoing 
it now.. *grin*) and if you do not like it, DO NOT USE IT.  However, 
please do mail me any _constructive_ criticism.

Does that cover everything ?  Hang on..

3> Oh yeah I mentioned I had this code a while back.  About 5 ppl mailed 
me wanting it but I lost their address so I figure a few more might want 
it too, so I mailed it here.  Next time I guess I will upload it as 
snippets (tis a bit hard but...)

Once again, sorry to flatten your email boxes, but please dont flame me.

Thanks.  (i'm off to read the other 39 messages in my inbox... :)

Chris Voutsis

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