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From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 07/27/96

On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Mark Mc Arthey wrote:
> This is a question for those that are fortuitous enough to have
> more than one coder, or those that think a lot about how 'neat-o'
> it would be to have more than one coder. :)

Personally, I prefer to be the one and only coder.  It makes things a 
little easier.  But of course it might not be the best way.

> How do you handle modifications and patches made to source code?
> We would like to use RCS, but none of us are located next to one
> another so locking the files in a central location isn't feasible. 
> We had suggested a central location for the archive files (ftp site 
> somewhere) so we could keep track of what is locked, etc, but that
> isn't a very practical solution either.

The perfect solution for you is CVS.  It uses RCS as it's basis, but it 
does a lot more.  It does not lock the files, so anyone (with 
permissions) can checkout files at any times(You have one master 
source).  It can also be done remotely(i.e. on the computer having the 
master source, you run the cvs server, and your other coders can checkout 
the files directly to their computers).  CVS is really cool, but is a 
little hard to get a hand of to begin with.

Check out which is a company that does support for 
CVS, but also has links to other sources of information on CVS.  You can 
get cvs from and you can get the latest 
beta from but I would recommend getting the latest 
one on the mit site.  

Note: You need to get RCS from also, since CVS uses this 

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