RE: [Circle] Proposed idea for Buring items

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 07/27/96

>...and then everyone with Tintin will simply alias w to equal w*dig*l in 
>ground and then if there's anything there, get it.  If it's buried, it's 
>probably worth having, right?  For the normal person running around, it's 
>not worth digging in every room cause it would just be a pain.  For 
>someone with Tintin however...
>-- Mandy, Coding Director of The Multiplex

Yes and no. You see that is the tricky part. The mud i play on makes have a shovel! And i will tell you I have looked in every store i know of in that mud to find a shovel to no avail. i've seen them and once even had one for a while. but that is the solution to that problem. It's like creating a powerful weapon. you don't just hand it to people. you limit the quantity and then make it dificult to get upon that. I have actually implimented the dig code into my alreadt and only need to add a bury function and then spruce up the code. if anyone likes when i am finished i would be more than happy to post what i create.

Chris the wanna be Creator
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