[Circle] Proposed idea for Buring items

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@visi.net)
Date: 07/26/96

I am currently playing a mud right now that lets you do this and i wanted to add this very thing to mine (i mentioned a dig spell in my last post). The way i thought you could do this was to add a data struct to the the room and add items to the list of buried stuff.

WAIT! I just got a better IDEA you can add a flag to items called ITEM_BURIED and the item can sit in the room like all the others but would only show up if you did a dig command :) there by removing the ITEM_BURIED flag from one or several items.

To save items like that would be a little more difficult. I am not (if someone could clatrify i would apreciate it) but, when a zone resets and eq laying around like a sword droped from a person is deleted from memory and lost??? If so that is a problem there. The other problem would be that if you wanted to save items buried you would have to add a crash save or boot_save or whatever so that it goes thru the entire list off objects and saves any objects with the ITEM_BURIED flag. this may be time comsuming... You would also store along with the item info which room the item was located in for which zone!

I believe that is how i will impliment mine but i would like to hear some more ideas and if there is better solution.

Chris the wanna be Creator
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