Re: [Circle] Proposed idea for Buring items

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 07/26/96

On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Christopher M. Ryan wrote:

> I am currently playing a mud right now that lets you do this and i 
> wanted to add this very thing to mine (i mentioned a dig spell in my last 
> post).  The way i thought you could do this was to add a data struct to 
> the the room and add items to the list of buried stuff. 
> WAIT! I just got a better IDEA you can add a flag to items called 
> ITEM_BURIED and the item can sit in the room like all the others but 
> would only show up if you did a dig command :) there by removing the 
> ITEM_BURIED flag from one or several items.

...and then everyone with Tintin will simply alias w to equal w*dig*l in 
ground and then if there's anything there, get it.  If it's buried, it's 
probably worth having, right?  For the normal person running around, it's 
not worth digging in every room cause it would just be a pain.  For 
someone with Tintin however...

 -- Mandy, Coding Director of The Multiplex

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