Re: [Circle] Proposed idea for Buring items

From: Limratana (
Date: 07/27/96

> > WAIT! I just got a better IDEA you can add a flag to items called 
> > ITEM_BURIED and the item can sit in the room like all the others but 
> > would only show up if you did a dig command :) there by removing the 
> > ITEM_BURIED flag from one or several items.
> ...and then everyone with Tintin will simply alias w to equal w*dig*l in 
> ground and then if there's anything there, get it.  If it's buried, it's 
> probably worth having, right?  For the normal person running around, it's 
> not worth digging in every room cause it would just be a pain.  For 
> someone with Tintin however...

Perhaps by making Dig take up a lot of movement it will deter people from 
putting it in their direction aliases.

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