Re: [Circle] here's something neat :)

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/27/96

> e.g. claustophobic - put in a bit for AFF_CLAUSTROPHOBIA
> and put a check in act.movement.c for if the player is claustrophic
> and if they are trying to move into a private room or a tunnel (for
> example), they are too afraid to do so, so do_simple_move fails.
> good for tacking onto rangers and outdoorsy type races }:)
> heh... this can really open a fun can of worms for the sadistic imp :)
> perhaps even create a whole new field in the player file for PHOBIA
> bits...
> *cackle*

  chuckle, well, here's an idea with that one..

in many RPG systems, there are flaws and merits... you could have such a 
thing, where taking so many flaws (like some phobias) you could get this 
or that merit (maybe real powerful ones being like luck: so, sort of like 
if player has luck, and this roll failed, so much percent chance that by 
luck he didn't). Anyway, lots of possibilities with that.


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