Re: [Circle] DOUBT (QUESTION): Meters in prompts

From: bub (
Date: 07/27/96

Acually, the vertical bars wouldn't be that hard to implement.

Just put in the sprintf() where you output the rest of the stuff on that 
line or whatever a %c, and put in a ? : for the arg where it outputs ' ' 
(space) if it is lower that the current line, and a '*' or whatever you 
use if it's equal to or higher. i.e.
sprintf(buf, "stuff stuff and more stuff %c", lengthofbar <= x ? '*' : ' ');

where you would replace x with the actuall line number in the code. You 
could use a macro to make typing smaller =>

you could also use the curses(i think) or ansi cursor controls, but that 
is terminal-emulation dependant (meaning some players might not get the 
expected output)

Hope that helped

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On Fri, 26 Jul 1996, Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:

> Also, another idea, and this is more like a quest for programmers or a 
> challenge..:) How would be the easiest (shortest) way to make vertical 
> bars. And obivously I imply that the bars are sharing the lines with 
> other bars/items. Would you have to code each character on the scale and 
> light them individually (separate from the rest)?
> Just questions, I am not planning on implemented this exactly, but I am a 
> curious person..:)
> Luck
> Myth
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at least, i think it is - phobia flags :D

e.g. claustophobic - put in a bit for AFF_CLAUSTROPHOBIA
and put a check in act.movement.c for if the player is claustrophic
and if they are trying to move into a private room or a tunnel (for
example), they are too afraid to do so, so do_simple_move fails.
good for tacking onto rangers and outdoorsy type races }:)

heh... this can really open a fun can of worms for the sadistic imp :)
perhaps even create a whole new field in the player file for PHOBIA

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