Re: [Circle] Assassin spec_proc....NEW VERSION! (woohoo!)

From: Steve (
Date: 07/28/96

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Ryan A.J. Biggs wrote:

> Well, the sanity check for if the player is online is easy.  What I 
> wanted to do for notification was to automatically e-mail the player.  
> BUT, the e-mail procedure uses both a sender and a recipient (how do I 
> make the GAME a sender if it requires an IDNUM of a PLAYER?!) and then it 
> talks about pointers for the message.  Please, I'm still in the learning 
> stages of C.  Pointers scare me :)  As to the memory bit.,....what's 
> malloc?  I am just starting.  If you take a look at the code you will 
> notice it's startling resemblance to easy to understand code.  :)

Make a temporary player/perminant player who's name is Assassin or 
something like that. Set him nodelete so the mud wont delete him every 
now and then, and use him as the mail sender. As for teaching you 
strings/pointers I am not gonna spend my time doing. But keep 
researching/looking through code... best of luck


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