Re: [Circle] Assassin spec_proc....NEW VERSION! (woohoo!)

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/28/96

> Why not? The research in finding out how to make the sanity checks would 
> probably build character. Here's a hint. Store the player's IDNUM on the 
> mob. (add a new npc/pc variable for it, or overwrite an old value) At 
> time of message check to see if IDNUM is online... if so tell him... if 
> he's not, manually malloc() some memory, prepare a string (in the memory 
> you just malloced), place that string (with the arguments needed) into 
> the top of his Mail list & make sure the mail list writes to the data file.
> Although seemingly tricky at first, most of the mailing part is ALL taken 
> care of in mail.c (Imagine My Surprize!) you should look there for the 
> most help.

Well, the sanity check for if the player is online is easy.  What I 
wanted to do for notification was to automatically e-mail the player.  
BUT, the e-mail procedure uses both a sender and a recipient (how do I 
make the GAME a sender if it requires an IDNUM of a PLAYER?!) and then it 
talks about pointers for the message.  Please, I'm still in the learning 
stages of C.  Pointers scare me :)  As to the memory bit.,....what's 
malloc?  I am just starting.  If you take a look at the code you will 
notice it's startling resemblance to easy to understand code.  :)

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