[Circle] NEWBIE: names and stuff. or fighting for life! =:)

From: Terry Valladon (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 07/28/96

I am trying to get it so that during a fight it prints some info like my
name for one.
but this does not seem to work. what is wrong? any HINTS?

    if (GET_POS(d->character) == POS_FIGHTING)
       sprintf(prompt, "%s ", GET_NAME(d->character));

see what I am trying to do is make it so that when you are fighting it prints

|killer (good)|rabid dog (bad)|25H|25M|45V|>
         ^   ^            ^  ^
         green             red

so I figure I need to test if the chr is fighting first, then I get his name
and print it, then I get both HIT and MAX_HIT and do a test like in my color
stat prompt program, then I get the vict name and then his HIT and MAX_HIT
and do a simular check, but I cant figure out how to get the names, I know
about GET_HIT(d->vict) and all, so once I can get the names I am k00l.
thanks for the hints in advance.
Cyber Reaper
Realms of Reality
telnet://login.greatbasin.net 4000

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Subject: [Circle] void value not ignored as it ought to be :P
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act.offensive.c: In function `do_fear':
act.offensive.c: 1018: void value not ignored as it ought to be

*** Error code 1

and the offending line (and previous line) is:

        if (mag_savingthrow(i, SAVING_BREATH, modifier)) {
            sprintf(buf, "%s is unaffected by the fear!\r\n", GET_NAME(i));

that modifier argument is legit - i changed mag_savingthrow to accept
an integer as a third parameter.
i is declared as struct char_data *i;
and i check earlier if (i == NULL) return;
so i should always be a player or mob.

the above expression is appearing in a for loop:
   for (i = world[ch->in_room].people; i; i = i->next_in_room) {

(and this control loop worked fine in my do_breath skill :)

everything looks ok to me, but then, i don't even fully understand the
error message :P

can anybody help me out here? :)

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