Re: [Circle] Mud Tiime Updated

From: George (
Date: 07/29/96

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996 wrote:

> I meant, is it possible to write a commnd that will, after
> the mud is booted up, (a god command) that will change the
> time? sorta like a skillset commnd but maybe a timeset
> command.

  void another_hour(int mode);

  do_time(ch, "", 0, 0);

That would advance the time by one hour and show the new time to you.
Wrote it in my mail program though so something may creep up...shrug
(add to interpreter.c too)

Note that that will most likely throw some timings off in mobs or
other places, like the mob might not execute in that hour after you
advance so you might want to make another function to call the mob's
special procedure immediately.

-George of DS.
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