[Circle] Bus code..?

From: Sliver (sliver@lightspeed.bc.ca)
Date: 07/29/96

This is sort of like the ship code, except for a few minor things..
For this one, I want an object that moves along a certain path. When you
are in the same room as the "bus" you can board it for a fee. When you
reach your stop, you can leave.
Another neat extra, would be that you could type something like,
"window" and you see the room title of the room that the bus is in, like
looking out the window.

What I have figured out so far, is that you would have a bus obj spec
proc, wich transfered you to a room, with a busdriver moble with a spec
proc, so he could anounce when the bus has reached it's stop, and so you
could leave, and it would transfer the player to the room wich the bus
is in. For the window command, it would be build into the bus driver
spec, and it copied the title of the 'bus room' and put it in..
whatever, you get the idea.

Now, has anyone done anything like this? I've seen it on one other mud,
but I forget witch..

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