[Circle] NEWBIE <sigh> Item Prices

From: Wade Hovind (WHovind@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca)
Date: 07/29/96

I imagine this is a simple question with a simple answer but it would   
seem that I am too simple :)

I have added a couple mobs to one of the world files and they work fine.   
 The problem is they are pets and I can't seem to set the price. The only   
place that I found a mention of price for items in a shop was a factor   
that is applied to the value of the item. > 1 for selling and < 1 for   
buying.  I have set the value for the mobs and yet the price charged   
isn't changing.

As an aside..in the stock p11 areas..I can't seem to find the definition   
for the pet shop.??

Any ideas?

Any help appreciated

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