Re: [Circle] do_brew

From: Angela Loos (
Date: 07/29/96

This would be my guess - 

The line that has the untermintated character constant is most likely above 
the one giving the error. I would check all the lines above this line that 
have character strings, and make sure they end and begin with proper " 's

Hope this helps :)

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> I am very puzzled.. this error pops on this line for some reason.. 
> "brew.c:62: unterminated character constant"
> the line read:
> send_to_char("You don't know how to brew that potion!\r\n", ch);
> I see nothing wrong with that line, I tried making it an act.. a sprintf, 
> then made it send_char the buf.. but that didn't work.. please help! :P
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