RE: [Circle] Compiling CircleMUD on Window 95

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 07/29/96

I have succesfully ported Circle 3.0 pl11 to run under windows without the use of MSVC4.0 There are a few draw back that I haven't gotten around to correcting (i.e. you have to change code to log to a file if you want to see it.) but other than that i feel the code is very solid if not completely bug free. (I have borland so no guarantees still) but the code is standard windows and should be able to compile on any compiler that supports windows.

NOTE: I have also taken care to try and maintain portablility to other platforms but since i only have windows i am not sure.

I would be glad to post in general the patch for this on FTP site or mailing list in general or just send it to any who ask.

The code is mostly blocks and you mostly cut and paste with few changes.

Chris the wanna be Creator
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