Re: [Circle] Adding Skill Help

From: Hades (
Date: 07/29/96

Try this instead:

  struct affected_type af;

    send_to_char("Only true warriors can do this!\r\n", ch);

  if(affected_by_spell(ch, SKILL_FURY)) {
    send_to_char("You are already furious!\r\n", ch);

  af.type = SKILL_FURY;
  af.modifier = 2;
  af.location = APPLY_HITROLL;
  af.bitvector = 0;
  af.duration = 4;

  send_to_char("You feel furious!\r\n", ch); /* dear god please do not type
						LiKe ThIs it is THE MOST
						annoying thing possible */
  affect_to_char(ch, &af);

You might want to make a drawback to this... because as soon as it wears off
they'll just type it again, might as well make it so instead of getting the
skill fury, they just get a permenant +2 hitroll.

#act {You no longer feel furious} {fury}

Tintin is wodnerful for permenant affections.


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