[Circle] Adding Skill Help

From: Lost Empire (Gkelly1@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 07/29/96

I've added many things to my mud in the last week, but now i think,
before i add more classes, i need more skills/spells for my existing
classes. One of the first things i want to do is add more warrior
spells, so i want to add something i call 'fury'. You can only do this
to yourself, and when you succesfully do it, you get +2 hitroll for 4
ticks, then fury wears off, and you may type it again. I was basically
clueless on what to do for this, but nevertheless i gave it a stab, and
it is VERY wrong..well, first i drop my code, then tell you what i tried
to do.

  struct char_data *char;

     send_to_char("But only true warriors can do this!", ch);

   /* this is supposed to add the players hitroll 2 */
   else {
      send_to_char("You Feel FuRiOuS!!!", ch)
      char->real_abils.hit += 2;

   here i want to add something that after 3 ticks, your hitroll is -2,
to put it back...


can anyone help me with this? thanks

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