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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 07/31/96

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Lost Empire wrote:

> I've added many things to my mud in the last week, but now i think,
> before i add more classes, i need more skills/spells for my existing
> classes. One of the first things i want to do is add more warrior
> spells, so i want to add something i call 'fury'. You can only do this
> to yourself, and when you succesfully do it, you get +2 hitroll for 4
> ticks, then fury wears off, and you may type it again. I was basically
> clueless on what to do for this, but nevertheless i gave it a stab, and
> it is VERY wrong..well, first i drop my code, then tell you what i tried
> to do.

Well, as you will be "adding a series of new skills/spells", I would
encourage you to do the following:

In magic.c there is a procedure called mag_affects(). It handles all the
affection spells in the std circle code. What you 'want' is to call this
procedure, and have a case statement of SKILL_FURY there.
Basically this would narrow your ACMD(do_furry) dwn to all your checks and
stuff. then 'doing the affections' by:

mag_affects(GET_LEVEL(ch), ch, ch, SKILL_FURY, 0);

Hope this will help you, at least using mag_affects() made the life easier
for me :)


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