From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 07/31/96

> Ok, I am trying to make a very unique check, but I am not sure how to go 
> about it.  Using something similar to Strom's Lost Land code for looking 
> in specific directions, I want to be able to have the MUD check to see if 
> a character is within sight range of the character in all 6 directions.  
> For example, the character is in the temple square in midgaard and Marron 
> is in the dump.  Marron IS within sight of the character, and I want the 
> MUD to be able to return a positive value.  I have no idea how to start 
> this, as I am not that good with this kind of code.  This little bit 
> would be VERY useful for 2 reasons.  1> spells that can be cast at anyone 
> in line of sight.  2> Missile weapons DIRECTED at a target.  (currently, 
> they try to hit anyone in their path)  If I can get some help with this, 
> I would be most appreciative (and I would certainly post it here for all 
> to use)  I can send Strom's look code if you need to take a gander at it.

  Well, I'm not never sure on this one myself, but I if you take a peak 
at the do_scan code on the ftp site, you can figure it out.  It has a few 
macros in there that will probably be all you need.


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