Re: [Circle] Bits and EXP losses

From: Melen (
Date: 07/31/96

Uh, thanks I think. I don't rely on everyone else for my answers tho, 
matter of fact I RARELY ask questions. I help 10 times more then I ask. I 
suppose you've NEVER had to ask someone a question?

Anyways, since I 'rely on everyone else' you probably will want to 
'ignore' the rest of this post.

I have some things that I'm thinking of making available that I use in my 
MUD. If there's interest I will put it on the ftp sites.

1) Recall skill. Everyone on my mud receives a recall skill that allows 
them to be teleported back to the mortal start room. I also added a 
NORECALL room flag and made it so you can't recall during battle, etc...

2) Morgue. Basically when a player dies on my mud, their corpse goes to 
the morgue instead of being dropped where they died. As an addition 
(because I do NOT allow player corpse thieving on Allanthya), I also 
coded it so that another player couldn't steal items from your corpse or 
steal your corpse itself! heh

3) I've also created some more item types: Herbs (when eaten, casts up to 
3 spells. I have red herbs that you eat to heal, blue for mana heal, 
etc..), Orbs (basically like staffs, I just wanted a different message 
when theywere used n stuff), Teleporters (v0 becomes the room vnum to 
teleport to. You 'hold object' and 'use object' to be teleported). A 
waterbreathing type (like to make a snorkel, so if it's worn the player 
can breath underwater) and finally a flight item type (I made wings so 
player could fly;)

4) regenerate mana spell. Heals mana. Not meant to be a castable spell, 
but I primarily use it for blue herbs and the healer.

Thats a few things I have laying around. Email me if you're interested in 
any of it.

Allanthya Mud port 4000

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Hades wrote:

> In short, without learning squat, >> 1 halves a number, << 1 doubles it, >>
> 2 quarters, >> 3 eights it, etc. See now you know but you have no idea why
> it does that and if you ever do need to know yer SOL.
> Hades - C is NOT learned by relying on everyone else for all your answers.
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