From: Cyber Reaper (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 07/31/96

ok, as you all know I am working on a prompt that changes color as your
stats change, it it 10% it is red, ext. now I am adding a new twist by
having it show you and the person your fighting's condition, i have this
working fine for the character, but am unable you get the name of the person
you are fighting! here is what I have.


     if (GET_POS(d->character) == 7)
         sprintf(prompt, "%s%n ", prompt, GET_NAME(FIGHTING(d->character)));


ok, now when I compile it says:


make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O -Wall  comm.c
comm.c: In function `make_prompt':
comm.c:969: warning: int format, different type arg (arg 4)


ok, and please dont tell me to use (ch), it just wont work, now, it compiles
with just those wornings, and when I run I come up with a name like
8973489347 for the red dragon, what I need to know is how to get the name of
the mob, I need to know what varables I define, how I define them, and any
external's that I need, and what the commands are for those, basicaly I need
to have someone walk me through this part, =:(. I have looked at every .c
file I can get my hands on, I have tried adding one more struct to the void
make_prompt commands, I have tried everything I can think of and am now
addmiting that I am at a total loss on how to do this. I have even tried
addding the GET_NAME routine to my make_prompt (to no avail) and am now
asking for someone, anyone to help me!

also, of a less important nature, my wizlist and immlist is not working, can
someone point me in the general direction of how to fix this. I am using
autorun & so it should autoimm N'Stuff, but.... its not....

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Cyber Reaper
Realms of Reality
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