[Circle] (Circle)(newbie) Combat crash bug

From: WarRat (warrat@erinet.com)
Date: 07/31/96

I've been coming across an intermidant crash bug in the combat system for a
while now, I've gotten it narrowed down to one circumtance but cannot find a

Basically, whenever the mob you're fighting goes below 0 hp but is not dead
yet, the mud crashes.

I have enabled multi attacks, but included the code to make sure you are
still fighting before doing the hit, I have also put in a mob condition to
the prompt similar to that in Stroms Lostlands code, but the bug predates
the addition of the prompt code so I do not believe it is the cause.

Has anyone else encountered this, or knows of it; if so, how is it fixed?

Thanks for any help.

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